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Corporate Profile
China Resources Power Holdings Co., Ltd. (CR Power) was founded in August 2001. As a listed subsidiary company of China Resources Holdings Co., Ltd., a Fortune 500 conglomerate, CR Power is known as one of the most efficient and most profitable integrated energy companies in China. Its business covers wind power, thermal power, hydropower, photovoltaic power generation, distributed energy, power sales, intelligent energy, coal mining, and other areas.
CR Power was listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on November 12, 2003 (stock number: 0836.HK). In May 2005, CR Power was incorporated into Morgan Stanley Capital International China Index. As at the end of 2018, CR Power’s total assets amounted to HK$208.23 billion and operational installed capacity amounted to 42,570MW, covering 30 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities and special administrative region. For 12 consecutive years, CR Power has been listed in the Platts Top 250 Global Energy Companies and the Forbes Global 2,000, ranking 131st and 977th respectively in 2018.
Looking forward into 2019, opportunities will come with challenges. We will further increase and prioritize investments in wind power in areas with strong wind resources to realize the extensive development and efficient utilization of renewable energy resources. We will actively incorporate the national development strategy for the GuangdongHong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, respond to the Initiative of "Building a Global Energy Internet" and give further play to our strengths in new energy development, smart cities and smart energy development as well as distributed energy. We will make active efforts to develop offshore wind power, uphold our innovation-driven strategy, and fully utilize internationally advanced technology and equipment to realize large capacity offshore wind power project construction, operation and development. We will also increase the intensity of thermal power technology transformation to further reduce consumption and emissions and enhance operational efficiency. We will actively develop the comprehensive utilization of sludge, rubbish waste and other wastes to achieve green recycling and sustainable development of thermal power enterprises. We will accelerate the pace of CR Power's transformation and innovation, quality development and continue to advance to the public's vision of a world-class clean energy company trusted by customers.
CR, the parent company of CR Power, is a diversified holding company registered and operating in Hong Kong, that was founded 81 years ago. Under CR, there are five business areas, including consumer products, healthcare, energy services, urban construction and operation, technology and finance, seven key strategic business units, 19 grade-1 profit centers, about 2,000 business entities, and more than 420,000 employees. In Hong Kong, there are seven listed companies under CR. Upholding the motto of “leading business progress and creating better living together”, China Resources has effectively promoted the development of the industries in which the Group is engaged and contributed to an overall improvement in the quality of life for individuals by constantly innovating business models and bringing forth new products and services. To date, the scales of China Resources’ businesses spanning from retail, beer to gas and pharmaceuticals are ranked among the top in the country. Its power and cement ventures also outshine the market in terms of operating performance and efficiency. China Resources Land is one of the leading and most influential integrated real estate developers in mainland China, while Snow Beer, Yibao Water, China Resources Vanguard, Vientiane City, 999, Shuanghe and Dong'e Ejiao, etc. are all household names enjoying widespread recognition throughout the country. China Resources Group is one of the Fortune Global 500 enterprises, ranking 80 in 2019.