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Subordinate Enterprise News
  • 10/08/2023
    On July 31, 3.6MW Distributed Photovoltaic Project Phase II of Zhuhai China Resources Chemical Innovative Materials Co., Ltd. successfully achieved full capacity grid-connected power generation. On July 31, Luoyang Xinxin Aluminium Industry 2.912MWp Rooftop Distributed Photovoltaic Project of CR Power Luoyang Company achieved full capacity grid-connected power generation. On August 9, Wanli Jiaoke 3MWp Distributed Photovoltaic Project of Henan New Energy Company achieved full capacity grid-connected power generation.
  • 05/08/2023
    On August 4, the Haimen District Government of Nantong City, Jiangsu Province held the Haimen District New Energy Industry Innovation Conference. At the conference, CR Power signed an agreement with the Haimen District Government. It is planned to invest RMB 2 billion in total for the project, which includes 400MWh energy storage project and 350MW distributed photovoltaic project.
  • 05/08/2023
    On August 3, the Confederation of Guangxi's Enterprises and Employers released Guangxi's Top 100 Enterprises, Guangxi's Top 100 Manufacturing Enterprises, and Guangxi's Top 50 Service Enterprises in 2023, of which CR Power Hezhou Power Plant was selected as one of the "Guangxi’s Top 100 Enterprises in 2023", ranking 82nd. Since 2015, CR Power Hezhou Power Plant has been ranked among the Top 100 Enterprises in Guangxi for nine consecutive years.
  • 02/08/2023
    On July 28, CR Power Xuzhou Company held the operation ceremony of #7 Ash Silo. The total designed storage capacity of the ash silo is 17,000 cubic meters, and the main body has an elevation of 39.3 meters. It is the first elevated steel silo of more than 10,000 tons of CR Power.
  • 01/08/2023
    On July 30, the first wind turbine of the Dengzhou 100MW Wind Power Project of CR Power Henan New Energy Company was successfully hoisted. The project was designed to install 8 wind turbines, and build a new 110 kV booster station and a set of 10MW/20MWh energy storage system.
  • 01/08/2023
    On July 27, Fenggang CR Vanguard Distribution Center Integrated Energy Project, which was invested, constructed and operated by Guangzhou Company, was awarded the "Alliance-6 Excellent Demonstration Project of Integrated Smart Energy".
  • 01/08/2023
    On July 26, the carbon offset index donation ceremony for the 19th Asian Games and Asian Para Games was held in Hangzhou. CR Power Zhejiang Company took the initiative to participate in the carbon offset index donation for the Asian Games, and made contribution as a central SOE to the "Zero Carbon Asian Games" by cooperating with Shandong New Energy Company to purchase 40,000 tons of international carbon credits for donation.
  • 23/07/2023
    On July 22, Chenchang 100MWp Fishery and PV Complementary Project was operationalized by CR Power Xiantao Company after a full-capacity grid connection. The project, part of the Phase I Project of CR Power Xiantao Company's one-million-kW New Energy Base, occupies an area of approximately 2,400 mu and has a total investment of about RMB 440 million. The project generates about 138 million kWh of electricity annually with significant environmental benefits, equivalent to saving 42,600 tons of coal and cutting down 104,000 tons of CO2 emissions.
  • 12/07/2023
    On July 11, CR Power Southern Jiangsu Company inked a comprehensive energy management cooperation framework agreement with Shanghai Zhongyi Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. According to the agreement, the two parties agree to cooperate extensively in the integrated energy management business, which covers services such as PV power generation, power sales, charging stations, energy storage, energy efficiency management platform system development, and "heat, electricity, and cooling" energy integration.
  • 11/07/2023
    On July 10, Henan Ruitai's 3.12MWp Distributed Photovoltaic Project commenced construction by CR Power. During the project, a BIPV power station was constructed on the rooftop of Henan Ruitai Energy Saving Co., Ltd., covering an area of approximately 21,000 square meters. The project is expected to generate 3.23 million kWh of electricity annually, saving 990 tons of coal and reducing 848 tons of CO2 emissions.