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Subordinate Enterprise News
  • 28/04/2024
    On April 25, the Yangjiang Sanshandao Fouth Offshore Wind Power Project of CR Power Guangzhou Co., Ltd. was approved by Yangjiang Development and Reform Bureau. The Project with a planned installed capacity of 500MW is located in the southern sea area of Sanshandao, Yangjiang City, Guangdong Province.
  • 21/04/2024
    On April 20, Shenyang Rundian Thermal Power Co., Ltd. held the commencement ceremony of Phase I Project of Supporting Heat Supply Pipeline for Shenhai Relocation Project in Huitian Environment-friendly Heat Source Factory in Dadong District, Shenyang City. The Project selected the directly buried insulation pipe with the largest diameter of 1.6 meters in China as the main heat supply pipeline, with a trench length of 16.5 kilometers. The newly built and reconstructed primary network trench is 7.8 kilometers long, and two pressure-isolated heat exchange stations of 1000MW and 200MW are built. After completion, it will ensure clean heating of local people for about 30 million square meters in Shenyang City.
  • 21/04/2024
    On April 20, CR Power Shandong New Energy Co., Ltd. commenced the construction of Longkou 100MW Agricultural-PV Complementary Power Generation Project. A new 110 kV booster station will be built in the Project. After grid connection, the average annual on-grid energy is about 160 million kWh, saving about 55,000 tons of standard coal and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by about 150,000 tons every year.
  • 19/04/2024
    On April 18, the "load-type" virtual power plant project of CR Power (Shanxi) Sales Co., Ltd. was selected as the third batch of pilot projects for virtual power plant construction in Shanxi Province. At present, the Project aggregates resource industry mainly involving cement, coal mines, commerce and manufacturing industries with a total of 12 enterprises. The aggregated capacity is 114.6 MW, and the maximum regulating capacity can reach 25.82 MW. Virtual power plants can improve the grid's ability to access and consume clean energy, and promote the green and low-carbon transformation of electricity supply.
  • 15/04/2024
    On April 13, Hong Kong Green Council organized students from Hong Kong to visit Shenshan Co., Ltd. for field experience and study. The visiting team visited production sites including centralized control rooms, turbine platforms, boiler platforms, CCUS exhibition halls, microalgae cultivation centers and Shenzhen Sludge Energy Utilization Demonstration Park.
  • 10/04/2024
    On April 9, Changrun Co., Ltd. held the signing ceremony of Phase III 32MW PV Project for Changshu Chery Jaguar Land Rover Plant. Changrun Co., Ltd. is a specialized integrated energy company jointly established by Changshu Economic Development Holding Co., Ltd. and CR New Energy Co., Ltd. The 32MW Photovoltaic Project will be built on the roof of about 350,000 square meters of production workshop, with a total investment of about RMB 120 million. After completion, it is expected to provide 33.28 million kWh of green electricity per year, save 10,200 tons of standard coal and reduce 27,100 tons of carbon dioxide emission.
  • 05/04/2024
    On April 2, 3.29 MW Distributed PV Project for Lianjiang Fengcheng Cement Company, undertaken by CR Power Guangzhou Co., Ltd., was connected to the grid for full-capacity power generation. On April 3, 1.04 MW Distributed PV Project for Tianjin Dongli Jinxin Company, undertaken by CR Power Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei New Energy Co., Ltd., was connected to the grid for full-capacity power generation. On April 3, Phase I 5.1MW Distributed PV Project of the High-end Industrial Park of CR Power Cangzhou Co., Ltd. was connected to the grid for full-capacity power generation.
  • 03/04/2024
    On March 29, the China Association of Work Safety noticed that Liyujiang Power Plant of Chenzhou Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Co., Ltd. were awarded the honorary title of 2023 National Safety Culture Construction Demonstration Enterprise.
  • 02/04/2024
    On March 30, #3 and #4 Units of Phase II Project of CR Power Fuyang Co., Ltd. successfully completed the AGC joint commissioning test for deep peak regulation at 30% loads, indicating that the company has the AGC automatic tracking and control capability for deep peak regulation at 30% loads of #3 and #4 Units, realizing the desired regulation of the loads of the two units in automatic mode.
  • 01/04/2024
    On March 28, the CR Power Guangxi Co., Ltd. held the unveiling ceremony for the new energy centralized control center in Nanning City. The successful opening of the centralized control center is conducive to continuously promoting the transformation of the Company's O&M mode into intensification, digitalization and intelligence, and forming an intelligent production and management center with intelligent decision-making data.