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Fighting the COVID-19 Pandemic
Shortly after the outbreak of COVID-19 at the start of 2020, CR Power established a leading group to oversee disease prevention and control, employee health protection, safe production and stable supply of heat and power in all areas nationwide, especially in the affected areas. Behind this level of assurance is the dedication and sacrifice by all our staff members.
Helping Hubei Stay Strong
CR Power's Puqi Power Plant is located in Xianning, Hubei Province and has an installed capacity of 2,600 MW. Phase I of the plant is a major power supplier for Xianning. Phase II powers much of the city's surrounding areas as well as Wuhan's Optic Valley and Jiangxia District and, via the eastern Hubei distribution network, Jiangxi Province. During the pandemic, Puqi Power Plant imposed zone- and group-based quarantine measures to ensure staff health. The plant also spent RMB 160 million to purchase coals and other production supplies, building up a 56- day reserve to ensure continuous power output . The plant generated 2,128 GWh of power from January to March, contributing significantly to Hubei's fight against the coronavirus.
Offering Employee and Plant Assistance
On January 30 , 2020 , CR Power's Zhumadian (Xinyang) Renewable Energy Company in Henan Province purchased 15 metric tons of rice, flour, oils, vegetables, milk, and other living supplies for Suixian Tianhekou Wind Farm, a sister power plant in Hubei. Zhou Jian, an employee of the company, did not hesitate to deliver the supplies to the Wind Farm in the epicenter of the pandemic. Zhou made the return trip overnight and promptly quarantined himself after informing his company and family members of his safe return over the phone. On a wider scale, CR Power project companies were purchasing and sending supplies to support sister power companies in the Central China Region in Hubei. As of March 30, RMB 792,000 of prevention supplies (face masks, medical gloves, and thermometers) and food (vegetables, rice, and oil) had been delivered to the affected companies, addressing their most pressing needs and ensuring stable power supply in the region.
Ensuring Power Supply
"We still have a serious situation in Hubei, so I must go back to the frontline. I left the holiday treats at the station's storage area. Tell the kids to pick them up and please give the handset to mom." Lu Jun is the technical director of Puqi Power Plant and, for the past few years, has been the on-duty manager during the Chinese New Year holiday. This year, Lu bought a lot of New Year snacks, planning to enjoy them with his family at home to celebrate the Chinese New Year. But this plan was interrupted by the pandemic just as Lu was nearly home. He immediately made the long return trip and picked up where he left off. Power and heat supply affects every family. During the pandemic, many CR Power employees gave up the chance of family reunion to ensure this supply was not disrupted. Tang Zhongyang and his wife Jiao Yanhui are both CR Power employees, one at the Yichang Power Plant and the other at the Lianyuan Power Plant. In the early morning of the second day of the Chinese New Year, this couple went right back to the frontline at their respective companies.
Giving Back to the Community
"Since February 15, your company has donated 170 metric tons of sodium hypochlorite disinfectants to the Zhejiang Yueqing Economic Development Zone, which has contributed greatly to our disinfection , disease control , and reopening plans. Please accept our sincere thanks for your kindness!" This thank-you letter, dated Februar y 26, 2020, was addressed to our Wenzhou Power Plant for the donation of self-made disinfectants. In addition to ensuring power supply to cities through rigorous equipment monitoring, check, and maintenance works , CR Power did every thing it could to help local communities. By March 30, CR Power project companies and employees have donated RMB 6.29 million worth of face masks , disinfectants, thermometers, and other prevention supplies to hospitals, local governments, communities, and public welfare organizations. In particular, the Company's power plants at Haifeng, Wenzhou, and Caofeidian have donated 516 metric tons of sodium hypochlorite disinfectants, made by electrolysis of salt water with one-site equipment, to help clean roads and other public areas and accelerate the reopening of local businesses .