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Heat supplier: ensuring warmth
For users, problems that we can solve straight away, we need to solve them immediately. For those that we cannot solve straight away, we have to rack our brains to solve them as soon as possible. This is what Zhang Bin, deputy head of Jiefanglu office of Cangzhou China Resources Thermal Power Company, often says.
At the beginning of the heat supply season in 2017-2018, Jiefanglu office faced an issue: radiators at the home of a user living on a top floor of a community with 5 buildings did not turn hot while others’ worked as normal. Though this was not covered by the service of the thermal power company, the user had no way but to try to report the issue to the thermal power company’ s Jiefanglu office as this community had no property management company. Zhang Bin immediately visited the user with two employees.
They let air out of the radiators and cleaned pipes inside the rooms. Though heat at the user’ s home increased a bit, the radiators stopped working again two days after. Zhang Bin visited the home of the user again and checked the entire building. He found out that the pipes were aging, which caused the pipes on the top floor at the end of the pipe network to be blocked and the circulation to be unsmooth. They cleaned the main pipes in the building and changed the automatic air evacuation valve. The radiators became red again.
However, Zhang Bin still felt unsure and paid constant attention to the user. When he heard that the temperature went down again, he really wanted to solve the issue as soon as possible. This time, he invited experts from the Company’ s technology department and visited the user with these experts together to look for reasons. They expanded the check to the heat-exchange station and adjusted heat supply pressure and frequency by slightly adjusting the water feeding pumps inside the station. Following unremitting efforts, the temperature finally went up at the user’ s home. Zhang Bin sighed with a great relief.
This is only one small incident of caring services by the thermal company. In 2017, the company fully implemented the heat supply policy of “management specific to each user”, made the service scope and targets more precise, and ensured that service responsibility was fulfilled, with its quality and efficient services recognised by a wide range of users. They received letters and flags from many users expressing gratitude.
In addition, the collection of heat supply fees was also extremely smooth. As of March 27, 2018, they collected a total of fees of RMB412 million for the heat supply season, up by 15.08% year on year, truly achieving a win-win situation among all parties where the government could show trust, people were satisfied and the Company grew.