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Final success after conquering many difficulties
On November 6, 2017, at the award presentation ceremony of 2016-2017 China Construction Project Luban Award (national quality project) sponsored by China Construction Industry Association, Li Bin, the general manager of Wenzhou Power Plant, held the “Luban Award” trophy in excitement. The team chased after a dream for 5 years, and it was finally realized.
Took the bull by its horns, experts from all areas. Wenzhou power plant’s first phase of 2x1,000 MW coal-fired project was approved by the National Development and Reform Commission in November 2011, and construction formally began on March 1, 2012. The project is located in an area with wet seasons often affected by typhoons, was a coastal region, thus the design and construction are relatively more challenging.
The team members made the promise firmly and began their construction journey on a vigorous scale. The project team first made top-level planning for the construction project and formulated Target Achieving and Excellent Making Planning for China Resources Zhejiang Cangnan Power Plant, building an awareness of creating an excellent project from areas including guiding thoughts, targets and measures from the very beginning of the project, urging all companies participating in the construction to strictly follow quality requirements, fully implementing standards including ISO9001, planning and formulating a detailed technical template gallery ahead of schedule, and standardizing management by standards and guiding techniques with templates.
During construction, “four savings and one environmental protection” was followed, that is, energy, land, water and materials saving and environmental protection not only meeting national standards but also possessing strong technical quality. Thus, the project became a permanent symbol for excellent projects, for example, the project fully leverages on existing geographical conditions to have main construction including main factory and chimneys on bedrocks, reducing foundation handling fee by nearly RMB200 million. We arranged 500 KV GIS (Geographical Information system) on roads formed by mountain excavation, reducing soil stone squares, solidifying the stability of protection slopes and saving investment. We arranged the fire fighting pool on the 105 meter slope platform formed by mountain excavation as well as leading in circulating water by using leading embankment filling method in China, saving an investment of over RMB80 million. A batch of excellent projects were then born at the right moment.
Focusing on sustainable development, Wenzhou power plant spares no efforts to promote the research and development and application of new technology and techniques. Starting from basic design, seeing safety and environmental protection as the boundary condition, Wenzhou power plant strives to innovate and optimize designs under the premise that they are reliable, obtaining 28 national-level practical patents and 13 national-level QC achievements. In addition, its research and development of “hydraulic lifting jack suspension device for stator hoisting” was awarded first prize for Power Construction QC Achievements and its welding technique was awarded first prize for “Excellent Welding Projects in China”. The power plant has the first low position arrangement of pneumatic feed water pump and plane heating steam system in China as well as leading 2x1,000 MW zero waste water discharge system and dust-free management of coaltransportation areas in China.
The emission of coal-firing power plants receives great attention. Wenzhou power plant adopted high efficiency electronic precipitation and reformed 2 units for ultra low emission. Its main emission indexes are better than the national requirements, with particulates emission concentration lower than 2mg/Nm3, sulphur dioxide emission concentration lower than 30mg/Nm3, nitrogen dioxide emission concentration lower than 40mg/Nm3, reducing emission of dust, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide by 800 tons, 2,001 tons and 1,601 tons respectively. Over 70% of the power plant is covered in green, realizing dust and waste water not flowing out and gas not leaking out of the power plant, noise not affecting residents, and recycling dust ash, becoming a benchmark garden power plant in the industry.