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Ultra-low emission retrofitting of six units in Xuzhou/Tongshan Power Plant was completed
If you walk into Xuzhou/Tongshan Power Plant in Jiangsu, you will find yourself standing inside a garden-like power plant where green grass is soft like carpets and fresh flowers are waving. The blue sky, beautiful environment and fresh air have changed the stereotyped image people have of coal-fired power plants.
On December 1, 2017, the ultra-low emission retrofitting project of Xuzhou/Tongshan Power Plant’s No.4 unit was successfully reviewed and accepted onsite by the Jiangsu Environmental Bureau. The power plant’s six coal-fired units have all completed retrofitting for ultra-low emission.
In 2014, in response to the government’s plan to deepen energy structure adjustment and requirements of new environmental policies, Xuzhou/Tongshan Power Plant took the initiative to create a “green China Resources” that brings clean coal power. In the past three years, Xuzhou/Tonghsan Power Plant carried out the ultra-low emission retrofitting of its six units during A- and B-level maintenance. In face of the challenges of multiple retrofitting and maintenance projects, involving multiple parties and multiple operations, the power plant made careful deployment and preparations. The EHS department strictly controlled the entry of personnel from external parties, reviewed their qualifications, special operations certificates and personnel insurance status, carried out strict entry training exams as well as onsite supervisions. The power generation department and maintenance team strictly carried out “two tickets and three systems”, implemented onsite safety measures and tracked the whole process. Protection system personnel of the technology support department carried out thorough control of project areas including safety, project period and quality. In addition, they also implemented the system where personnel on one post took up double responsibilities and clarified the principle of “safety management comes before production management”, effectively ensuring the safety, quality and project period of the retrofitting project. With the joint efforts of the whole plant, the power plant successfully completed the ultra-low emission retrofitting of its six units which all passed the 168-hour trial runs at one go as well as environmental protection acceptance. Ultra-low emission retrofitting site (hoisting operation of spray mother tube) Hoisting operation of absorption tower retrofitting.
Following the ultra-low emission retrofitting, Xuzhou/Tongshan Power Plant’s six units all met the ultra-low emission standards, reducing the emission of sulphur dioxide by 3,335 tons, nitrogen oxides by 2,335 tons and particulates by 976 tons (80% of the total) per year on average, effectively improving regional air quality, making great contribution to the reduction of PM2.5, producing good environmental benefits and receiving recognition and acclaim from local residents.