Xiyi Mine Obtaining Mining Right Permit
17-12-2020 Northern China


On December 4, Xilingol Coal Co., Ltd. Xiyi Mine in the Northern China Region obtained the mining right permit, signifying a significant step toward the construction and production of Xiyi Mine.

Xiyi Mine Project, as a coal mine project, supports the project starting from Ximeng and ending at Shandong extra-high voltage power supply point. It boasts a field area of 87.24 square kilometers, a design recoverable reserve of 738 million tons, and a design scale of 8 million tons per year. The coal preparation plant of the same scale will be constructed as a support with a service life of 65.9 years. The supporting Xilingol project of 2×66 million KW indirect air-cooled ultra-supercritical pure condensing generator unit of CR Power, as a supporting power supply project of extra-high voltage channel from Ximeng to Shandong, now has been put into operation.

Despite the Covid-19 and investigation of violations of the past 20 years in the field of coal mine resources in Inner Mongolia since the beginning of 2020, the regional coal management team prepared materials in advance during the suspense of formalities, kept an eye on the change of the policy, and managed to be one of the first group that applied for the approval of the mining right when the window was made accessible; as a result, these endeavors made a visible difference in the obtaining of the mining right permit six months ahead of the expected time.

The obtaining of the mining right permit is another important milestone following the approval of the Project, the approval of the environmental impact assessment (EIA) of the mining area planning, and the approval of the EIA of the Project. The Northern China Region will strive to obtain approval of the remaining four formalities in the shortest time, so as to realize the targets of coal production and operation in the Xiyi Mine as soon as possible and emerge as a new profit growth point for CR power.