CR Power RunYouYi Rated as Scientific and Technological Achievement


On June 16, Guangdong Science and Technology Evaluation Association sent the report on the evaluation of CR Power RunYouYi's technical achievement entitled Research and Application of Dynamic Benchmark Value System Operation Optimization Technology Based on Mathematical Intelligent Modeling, which claims that the core technology of the achievement has reached the international leading level and that a consensus has been reached to pass the evaluation for scientific and technological achievements.

RunYouYi aims to realize the objective of "running a power plant unattended", innovatively applying big data and artificial intelligence, and achieving technological breakthroughs in operation optimization for thermal power units through data mining, technology mining, offline optimization of historical optimal working conditions of units, and online optimization of new simulation model technology. Through the quantitative operation evaluation technology, the operation management level of power plant can be improved. The project is the result of more than six years' joint efforts by CR Power Technology Research Institute, Chuxin Intellectual Property Co., Ltd., Hubei Project, North China Electric Power University, and Shenzhen Shengyuan Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd., with its independent intellectual property rights owned by CR Power.

A total of 16 journal papers have been published on the technical achievements of RunYouYi with 7 invention patents, 4 utility model patents, 7 software copyrights, and 25 patents for which applications have been approved. Currently the product sales work is underway. So far, RunYouYi has been extensively applied to 38 power plants owned by CR Power, State Power Investment Group, China Guodian Group and other power companies, with remarkable social and economic benefits and good prospects for promotion.