CR Power Holds Annual Working Meeting 2020



On May 25, CR Power held the Annual Working Meeting 2020 themed "Stick Together to Create a Better Future" in China Resources Building. Wang Xiangming, General Manager of China Resources Group, Li Fuli and Wang Chuandong, Deputy General Managers of China Resources Group, persons-in-charge from finance department, audit department, legal compliance department, intelligence and information technology department, environmental health and safety department and mass work department, as well as special guests attended the meeting. A total of 560 people from the management team of CR Power (Holdings) Co., Ltd., the management team of each department and office, major regions, coal branches, directly affiliated units and project companies attended the meeting in the main venue and 80 sub-venues. Zhang Junzheng, Vice Chairman of CR Power (Holdings) Co., Ltd., presided over the meeting and delivered an introductory speech.

Wang Xiangming, General Manager of China Resources Group, delivered a speech, affirming CR Power's positive response to the complex and ever-changing macroeconomic situation in the past year as well as its efforts to make steady progress, strive to improve quality and efficiency, speed up structural adjustment, promote business transformation and deliver an outstanding performance, and at the same time demanding that CR Power should firmly seize development opportunities, overcome difficulties and challenges while focusing on the following several aspects: First, we must continue to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, resume work and production and stabilize growth so as to achieve high-quality development and complete the goals and tasks of the year; Second, we must strengthen safety production management, firmly establish safety production awareness and safety risk prevention awareness, unremittingly consolidate the foundation of safety production management, strengthen the implementation of the main safety responsibility of the persons of the enterprises at various levels, and ensure the steady development of the enterprises; Third, we must accelerate transformation and innovation, go all out to develop high-quality resources, and ensure the achievement of the goal set for wind power construction. At the same time, we should seize the strategic opportunities of national energy system, mechanism reform and energy structure adjustment, foster and develop new momentum, and accelerate the transformation to an integrated energy service provider. Mr. Wang expressed the hope that CR Power will march forward with firmer confidence, more scientific decisions and more efficient mechanisms so as to stimulate the vitality of the company, enhance its influence, improve its market competitiveness, achieve high-quality development and make new and greater contributions to China Resources Group's centenary journey.

In his speech, Wang Chuandong, Deputy General Manager of China Resources Group and Chairman of the Board of Directors of CR Power, affirmed the new achievements made by CR Power in 2019, pointed out the shortcomings of the company, and asked the units at various levels to adhere to Xi Jinping's thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era in their future work, thoroughly implement the various arrangements of the Central government and China Resources Group, concentrate on six "new" aspects, and comprehensively create a new situation in their work: First, we must keep in mind the mission, adapt to the new era, work hard in the four aspects of energy, respond to the concerns of the times, comply with the requirements of the times, and create the value of the times; Second, we must take responsibility, practice new requirements, overcome difficulties, and take the lead in creating a world-class enterprise within China Resources Group; Third, we must seize opportunities, formulate new strategies, go all out to make progress, and constantly narrow the gap in size between us and the first camp in the industry; Fourth, we must live up to the deep trust of China Resources Group and build a new team so that "everyone has their own opinions, there are decisions made for everything and responsibilities defined for all levels"; Fifth, we must seek truth from fact and be pragmatic, take new actions, bend over backwards to seize high-quality resources, learn from benchmarks and set benchmarks, and create a positive working atmosphere; Sixth, we should remain true to our original missions, take on a new look, adhere to the people-oriented principle, appoint people on their merit, pursue our ideal, firmly hold the legal bottom line, and create a political ecology with a clean and upright atmosphere so as to build CR Power into a world-class clean energy enterprise with global competitiveness by 2038, the 100th anniversary of the founding of China Resources Group.

Tang Yong, President of China Resources (Holdings) Co., Ltd., made an annual work report, summing up the work of the company in 2019 and the first four months of 2020, deeply reflecting on the key problems existing in the company, analyzing the new situation, new challenges and new opportunities currently facing the company, and defining five key management themes and tasks for 2020: First, adhere to the high political stance and the leadership by the Party committee, gather momentum, and ensure the high-quality development of the company; Second, refine and strengthen traditional businesses such as thermal power and new energy, and lay a solid foundation for development;  Third, accurately deploy businesses such as electricity sales, smart energy, heat network, technological innovation, industrial funds, etc., to get the company off the ground in its innovation, transformation and development; Fourth, seize strategic opportunities and deepen the business in key areas such as the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area; Fifth, focus on development, strengthen governance, prevent risks, optimize internal control, create culture, build an efficient organization with a good image in an all-round way to fulfill the company's strategy. Mr. Tang demanded that the company should continue to take the normalized epidemic prevention and control measures and hold on to the annual work objectives to ensure the completion of various tasks this year; It is necessary to earnestly conduct the inspection and rectification and comprehensively improve the level of corporate governance; It is necessary to scientifically make plans for the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, create new momentum, explore new fields, master new technologies, and cling together to make new and greater contributions to the realization of high-quality development and to create a bright future for CR Power.

The meeting commended the annual advanced units of CR Power in 2019. The leaders of China Resources Group and the management team members of China Resources (Holdings) Co., Ltd. presented seven awards, namely, "Excellent Operation Award", "Best Electricity Sales Management Award", "Technology Innovation Award", "Slimming and Fitness Contribution Award", "Management Progress Award", "Value Creation Award" and "Best Performance Contribution Award", to each winning unit, as well as  "Outstanding Manager Award" to individuals who made outstanding contributions to CR Power during their tenures.

The working meeting summarized and reviewed the achievements and shortcomings of the company's business development in 2019, defined the work focus, target direction and action measures for 2020, and made a blueprint for the development during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period. Through the meeting, all managers are sticking together more closely and preparing to lead all employees to work hard and overcome difficulties to fully complete the annual goals and tasks and the company's strategic goals set for the "13th Five-Year Plan" period.