CR Power, One of the Four Major Power Generation Groups in China, Makes Its Mark in Integrated Smart Energy Services

CR Power, One of the Four Major Power Generation Groups in China, Makes Its Mark in Integrated Smart Energy Services

Among the four major power generation groups in China, CR Power is the earliest to make its presence in the new format of integrated energy services. Relying on China Resources Group's profound resources in gas and power, CR Power has positioned itself as one of the most efficient and effective comprehensive energy companies in China.

CR Power is a Hong Kong-listed company under China Resources Group, with business covering wind power, thermal power, hydropower, photovoltaic power generation, distributed energy, electricity sales and smart energy.

Fu Yuning, Party secretary and chairman of China Resources Group, revealed that CR Power is actively transforming itself into a comprehensive energy service provider, not just a power generation enterprise. He pointed out that CR Power should continue to focus on differentiated positioning and integrated energy positioning, keep up with future technological trends and actively explore advanced technologies such as cloud platforms, big data, smart energy, energy storage, etc.

The energy industry is in an era of great changes. Central power enterprises are actively carrying out transformation. CR Power provides various forms of integrated smart energy services from the dimensions of efficient energy supply and use of smart energy. In the fields of distributed energy, incremental distribution network, ship shore power, integrated smart energy services, etc., a number of projects have been successfully implemented.

CR Power's Integrated Energy Platform Company

In August 2018, CR Power established CR Smart Energy Co., Ltd., with a capital of RMB 300 million registered in Shenzhen. The chairman of the company is Hou Yongjie, vice president of CR Power.

CR Smart Energy Co., Ltd. is the main platform company for CR Power to develop its integrated smart energy business, similar to Datang Smart Energy Industry Co., Ltd. under Datang Group.

However, CR Smart Energy is not the only smart energy business platform under CR Power. It is reported that CR Power has also set up several subsidiaries since 2017, including CR Power (Zhuhai) Smart Energy Co., Ltd., CR Power Smart Energy (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., CR Power Smart Energy (Changzhou) Co., Ltd., CR Power Zhengzhou Airport Smart Energy Co., Ltd., etc. Most of these companies are based on local integrated energy service projects.

At the same time, CR Gas, a subsidiary of China Resources Group, is one of China's four largest urban gas companies. Relying on its industry layout, CR Gas has also set up Wuxi CR Smart Energy Co., Ltd., which mainly develops integrated energy business, with natural gas distributed energy as its core.

Currently CR Power is taking CR Smart Energy Co., Ltd. as the main platform company, supplemented by smart energy subsidiaries in various regions, to vigorously expand its integrated energy service market.

Integrated Smart Energy Projects Built and Being Built

In 2017, CR Power developed its first integrated energy demonstration project, the smart energy project located in Fuyao Glass Industry Group. The smart energy platform built here is a group-level energy management and control platform, and is the first case to promote the smart energy platform project from enterprise level to group level.

The project provides a workable solution for realizing the energy management and control of 4 float plants and 11 steam glass plants of Fuyao Group as well as benchmarking management. The system integrates distributed photovoltaic, waste heat power generation, triple gas supply unit, energy storage and other energy sources together, intelligently controls the storage and release of electric energy of enterprises, and realizes cascade utilization of electricity, heat, cold and renewable energy.

Since Fuyao Group launched the smart energy platform, while optimizing the allocation of resources on the customer side and continuously increasing the proportion of clean energy, it has greatly improved the comprehensive energy efficiency of enterprises and reduced their energy consumption costs. Based on the success of the previous project, the platform is currently being promoted in 11 steam glass plants and 4 float plants under Fuyao Group.

A director of Fuyao Group has done the math. Through intelligent control, the platform provides about 58 million degrees of green and clean electricity for Fuyao Fuqing Project every year, accounting for 15% of the total energy consumption of the enterprise, saving about 22,000 tons of standard coal per year, reducing sulfur dioxide emissions by about 2,000 tons per year, carbon dioxide by about 54,000 tons per year, and lowering the enterprise cost by about RMB 10 million per year.

The Success of Fuyao Smart Energy Project Laysa Solid Foundation for CR Power to Expand Its Smart Energy Business

In February 2019, CR Power Zhengzhou Airport Project started construction. The airport smart energy project will be built to have an installed capacity of 108MW, integrating power supply, cooling, heating and industrial steam. At the same time, relying on the "Internet plus" intelligent energy management platform, it will provide personalized energy efficiency management services for users and reduce the operating costs for enterprises.

In May 2019, Cisco (Guangzhou) Smart City Project and CR Power South China Region signed a strategic cooperation agreement on the construction of a smart energy project. The latter will tailor a centralized cooling energy solution for the former to create a green, low-carbon, safe and efficient modern smart energy ecosystem for the project.

In December 2019, CR Logistics Smart Energy Project was officially put into commercial operation. The project is located in the park of CR Logistics Beijing Co., Ltd. A 502.2kW distributed photovoltaic power generation system was built on the roof of Warehouse 3 and 630kWh/240kW lithium iron phosphate electrochemical energy storage devices were installed.

Zhuhai CR Chemical Smart Energy Project under construction is CR Power’s first industrial-level comprehensive energy service demonstration project. In addition, several other related projects are currently under construction or being planned.

Build Lingxi Smart Energy Cloud Platform

The energy management and control platform is a hub for multi-information interaction to meet various energy demands such as electricity, gas and heat, and is the core of the integrated smart energy system different from the traditional energy system.

Relying on the experience and data accumulation at the power plant side of CR Power, Lingxi Smart Energy Cloud Platform developed by CR Power realizes centralized management of various energy sources including electricity, cold, gas and heat through independent research and development of algorithm models, covering energy storage, hydrogen energy, smart parks, smart heating, etc. Using technologies such as big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, etc., it provides the entire process of energy planning, design, integration, construction and operation services to customers such as government, parks, industry and commerce, helping them realize "efficient energy supply and smart energy use".

Based on the "B2B" e-commerce mode construction, Lingxi Smart Energy Cloud Platform includes customer foreground, business background and unified visualization platform, fully supporting the construction of CR's comprehensive energy service ecosystem and multi-terminal applications such as PC, mobile, large screen and visualization system integration. The customer foreground mainly includes four sectors, namely, user center, application store, business center and energy service center. The business background serves mainly as the platform management side, and its functions mainly include the user management, customer service management, IOT center, algorithm experience base, business statistics and platform background management.

The above-mentioned CR Logistics Smart Energy Project is CR Power's first demonstration project of "photovoltaic + energy storage + energy efficiency management".

Adopting Lingxi Energy Management System (EMS) developed by CR Smart Energy, the system is an energy management system applied to multiple scenarios such as thermal power auxiliary services, new energy consumption, user-side energy storage, micro-grid, etc. It can interface with Lingxi Smart Energy Cloud Platform to realize background data analysis.

Currently Lingxi Smart Energy Cloud Platform has found application in a number of integrated energy service projects of CR Power while constantly being optimized in practice.