Xiaoting Allocates RMB 3.65 Million to Reward Outstanding Talents and Innovative Enterprises

Xiaoting Allocates RMB 3.65 Million to Reward Outstanding Talents and Innovative Enterprises

On April 7, Xiaoting District awarded 59 outstanding talent representatives and teams from CR Power (Yichang) Co., Ltd., including Li Zhengbing, deputy general manager of the said company, and 42 technologically innovative enterprises, including Hubei Xingfa Chemical Group Co., Ltd., who have made outstanding contributions to economic and social development, with a prize of more than RMB 3.65 million.

Innovation changes life. During the construction phase, CR Power Xiaoting Cogeneration 2×350MW Unit Project adopted more than 50 national and industry’s key energy-saving and environmental promotion and application projects and participated in 5 independently innovative projects and research and development projects. After the transformation of ultra-low emission of flue gas in the plant, it has made major contributions to Xiaoting's environment. According to Li Zhengbing, the company will fully promote the ecological and environment construction, do a good job in power supply and heat supply for enterprises in the park, and is always ready to fulfill its responsibility as a responsible Central enterprise.

In recent years, through the establishment of an all-round policy guarantee system, a full-chain talent service platform, the in-depth implementation of the "Talent-friendly" Project, Xiaoting District has recruited 9 think tank experts and 150 "investment promotion and talent recruitment ambassadors" and established 12 "investment promotion and talent recruitment workstations". The district has played its cards right in creating the best environment for innovation and entrepreneurship to gather and activate talents.
The efforts have turned out to be quite fruitful. In 2019, Xiaoting had five new innovation platforms. Wherein, Xingfa Group Yichang New Materials Industrial Park has set up one national, one provincial and one municipal science and technology innovation platform. Yichang Fine Chemical Technology Innovation Public Service Center is the third of its kind in the city. Enterprises in the park have successively won one second prize of the National Scientific and Technological Progress Award, three first prizes of the scientific and technological progress award at the provincial and ministerial levels, 182 authorized national patents, and presided over and participated in the formulation of 10 national (industry) standards.

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