Resumption of Construction of CR Key Projects Underway to Ensure Market Demand

Resumption of Construction of CR Key Projects Underway to Ensure Market Demand

As the epidemic situation improved, all trades and industries began to resume work gradually. During this special period, China Resources, in addition to guaranteeing consumers' living needs, is also promoting the operation of major projects and important projects, ensuring market demand and integrating itself into the global supply chain. The construction of key projects is now underway and businesses are proceeding in an orderly manner.

As of March 2, 5,750 of China Resources Group's 6,112 production and service units had resumed work and production, with a 94% resumption rate. Wherein, the resumption rates of major consumption, major health, energy services and science and technology sectors were 96%, 99%, 93% and 100% respectively. Among the key enterprises that provide production and services for people's livelihood, CR Vanguard has a 99% resumption rate, CR Pharma Comm 100% and CR Medical 100%.

Resumption of Work Underway and Key Projects Proceeding Non-stop

During the resumption of work, CR Land was responsible for the construction of many large-scale projects. In order to ensure the progress of the projects, the key projects across the country have resumed work successively, and word kept coming that new projects had been approved one after another.

At the end of 2019, Xi'an's "Three Centers" and six main venues have been basically completed. Currently, official power supply and fire control debugging and outdoor landscape construction are underway. More than 1,600 builders who did not return to their homes for the Spring Festival were racing against the clock to complete the task during the Spring Festival this year.  As of March 4, the number of construction workers for the three centers had rapidly increased to 4,505. With the energetic promotion of CR Land, it is expected that the Convention and Exhibition Center will be completed by the end of April and the Olympic Sports Center by the end of June.

Chengdu Dong'an Lake Sports Park is the main venue for the 31st Summer Universiade, which was built by CR Land. At the construction site, with tower cranes and large machines roaring, more than 2,000 workers are racing against the time to complete their task. So far, there has been no imported case at the site, with the worker-returning-to-work rate reaching 93.77% and the materials-entering-the-site rate reaching 75%. The project expects the number of workers to reach 3,800 during the peak period and will take a three-shift approach to try to complete the construction of steel structures on site on March 30 to ensure that world-class stadiums and gymnasiums will be presented to the world within 23 months.

Wind Power Construction Underway

Clean energy such as wind power has been the focus of CR Power's strategic transformation in recent years. At present, Northern China Region, North China Region and Southwest China Region have gradually resumed the construction of the key projects suspended due to the impact of the epidemic.

CR New Energy Weichang Yuanbaoshan (300MW) Wind Power Project is the second phase project of Chengde Million-level Wind Power Base approved by Hebei Provincial Development and Reform Commission. The installed capacity of the project is 300MW, and 120 wind power generators with a single unit capacity of 2.5MW will be installed. In order to meet the needs of engineering construction, Yuanbaoshan Project actively maintains contact with construction units. The project has approved by Weichang County Development and Reform Bureau to resume work and production and started construction on February 28.

CR Ningwu 2×350MW Low Calorific Value Coal Power Generation Project is located in Ningwu County, a national key poverty alleviation and development county. Electricity will be sent to Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and heat supplied for people's livelihood. To ensure the construction of the project, some construction units officially resumed work on February 26.

CR Power Southwest China Region also resumed work on February 20 on Siganbaozu Wind Farm Project in Yuexi County, and gradually resumed work on February 24 on the ongoing projects of CR Power Guizhou New Energy Company, Liping 07 (Deshun) Wind Power Project, Jianhe 03 (Jiuang) Wind Power Project and Kaili 01 (Wanchao) Wind Power Project. As more and more wind power projects resume construction, CR Power's installed capacity share of clean energy will continue to rise steadily.

Shuanghe Beijing Resumes Work in Advance to Ensure Drug Supply in Market

Facing the realistic tests of limited city logistic resources, blocked supply of raw and auxiliary materials and double protection level of employees, CR Shuanghe's largest production base in Beijing - CR Shuanghe (Beijing) Industrial Park has arranged relevant personnel to resume work in advance since January 31 to ensure the supply of drugs in the market during the epidemic.

CR Shuanghe (Beijing) Industrial Park is one of the 19 production bases under CR Shuanghe with the most complete dosages, approval documents and product regulations. The resumption of work in the special period is to ensure the needs of medical institutions in various places.

On the premise of overall management and controllable risks, all management measures in the industrial park were put in place on January 30. On January 31, the industrial park took the lead in resuming work among the production bases of CR Shuanghe. The industrial park went full steam ahead in resuming production and made arrangements for employees to return to Beijing in an orderly manner. Up to now, CR Shuanghe's overall resumption rate has reached 95%.

CR Chem-Mat Ensure Global PET Capacity Supply

China is the largest export market for PET in the world. As the third largest supplier of PET bottles in China, CR Chem-Mat actively maintained frequent contact with Coca-Cola, South Korea's Samyang, etc. during the epidemic so as to smoothen logistics channels.

As of March 3, all five subsidiaries of CR Chem-Mat had resumed work, with a staff resumption rate as high as 98%. At present, PET orders received and exports are basically the same as those of the same period in previous years, thus ensuring the stable purchase demand of foreign customers and the global supply of production capacity.

CR "Chips" Installed for Fight against Epidemic

Under the epidemic situation, the demand for thermometers, respirators and other medical devices has increased sharply. To ensure front-line supply, CR Micro' Wuxi CR Shanghua did not suspend production during the epidemic period. It continued to provide front-line with chip supplies for thermometers and respirators, known as "home-made hearts".

CR Shanghua' MEMS technology platform played a key role in equipping medical devices with CR chips.  Prior to this, CR Shanghua participated in the project "Key Technologies and Applications for Design and Manufacture of High-performance MEMS Devices", which won the second prize of the State Science and Technology Progress Award. Its key technologies have been applied to CR Shanghua's large-scale production lines, forming batch production capacity and producing more than 100,000 pieces for domestic and foreign users. Products have found wide application in the fields of intelligent electronics, industrial control, environmental monitoring, etc.

While major projects in various industries are gradually returning to normal, the employees of CR Pharma Comm, CR Medical and CR Healthcare have been fighting on the frontline since the outbreak of the epidemic. With their hard work and professionalism, they are deservedly the backbone in winning the battle against the epidemic.