CR Power Visited A Care Home for the Elderly in Hong Kong
22-12-2022 CR Power



Recently, CR Power paid a visit to Helping Hand - Father Sean Burke Care Home for the Elderly.

Established in 1978, the Helping Hand is a registered charity in Hong Kong. The Care Home is the largest home in the Helping Hand, with nearly 220 elderly residents on a permanent basis. CR Power donated a lot of food and drinks suitable for the tastes of the elderly. The young employees will further record songs, choruses, melodramas and other performance videos for the elderly. With a view to presenting the best choral effect to the well-known Hong Kong song Below the Lion Rock, young employees at the CR Power South China Region have spent their spare time learning Cantonese and rehearsing it repeatedly. A full video of the performance is in intensive post-production and is expected to be presented to the elderly in the near future. The Care Home said it would share the video with other elderly homes in Hong Kong, in the hope that more elderly in Hong Kong might feel the care and greetings from the central enterprise in Hong Kong and the young people in the mainland.

The elderly are the most susceptible to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has caused a large number of the elderly to become infected or even pass away. Those living in care homes are cut off from the outside world, feeling lonely. It is of particular importance to care for the health and spiritual needs of the elderly and give company and comfort. By means of the "donation of daily necessities and online artistic performance by young employees", CR Power has enabled the elderly in the Hong Kong care home to truly feel the care and greetings from the central enterprise in Hong Kong and enhance their well-being, so that they are more optimistic and positive in the face of the pandemic and life.