President Shi Baofeng Met with Liu Guoqiang, Secretary of Lingwu Municipal Party Committee
23-11-2022 CR Power

On November 18, Shi Baofeng, President of CR Power, met with a delegation headed by Liu Guoqiang, Deputy Secretary of Yinchuan Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of Lingwu Municipal Party Committee. The two sides held talks and exchanges on strengthening investment cooperation.

Shi Baofeng welcomed the visit of Liu Guoqiang and his delegation, thanked the Lingwu Municipal Party Committee and People's Government for their long-term attention and strong support to CR Power, and introduced the development of China Resources Group and CR Power in detail. He said that Lingwu was a treasure land in Ningxia, with distinct location advantages, unique resources and good investment environment. During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, CR Power would increase investment in Lingwu together with CR Vanguard, CR Mixc Lifestyle and other sectors to facilitate the high-quality development in Lingwu.

Liu Guoqiang elaborated the development of distinctive agricultural products, aquaculture, energy and other industries in Lingwu. He said that all sectors of China Resources Group were among the best of all industries, and the two sides had a good foundation and broad space for cooperation. He was full of expectations for their future cooperation. He hoped that CR Power would seize the great opportunity of the development of Lingwu City, actively coordinate other business forms of China Resources Group into the industrial planning, make positive demonstration in new energy, large consumption and tertiary industry, and lead the industrial development.

Huang Li, Member of the Standing Committee of Lingwu Municipal Party Committee and Director of Publicity Department, Ye Hui, Member of the Standing Committee of Lingwu Municipal Party Committee and Vice Mayor of Lingwu Municipal People's Government, leaders of Development and Reform Bureau and Commerce and Investment Promotion Bureau of Lingwu City, Xiao Hanhua, Vice President of CR Vanguard, Wan Zihan, Deputy General Manager of CR Mixc Lifestyle, relevant officials of CR Power Office, Strategic Investment Department and CR Power (Ningxia) Co., Ltd. attended the talks.