Joint Commissioning Officially Started for Xiyi Mine
11-11-2022 CR Power

On November 10, joint commissioning was officially started for Xiyi Mine of CR Power (Xilingol) Coal Co., Ltd., marking the transition from the infrastructure construction stage to the trial production stage.

Preparation was made for the construction of Xiyi Mine from 2007 and construction was started in May 2008. Due to a number of adverse factors such as lower coal quality than expected, sluggish market situation and production capacity reduction policy, the mine was confronted with a series of development difficulties. Facing the difficulties and challenges, the project team tackled them bravely with the guidance and help of the Group and the upper units, solved the difficulties of the project, turned the scale of passive development, obtained commencement filing in 2021, and completed the construction of six major safety systems, work resumption acceptance and safety assessment despite two consecutive epidemics in Xilingol and change of work resumption policies in 2022, realizing comprehensive work resumption and vitalizing stock assets.

Xiyi Mine is located in Gillen Gohler Town, West Ujimqin Banner, Xilingol League, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, with geological reserve of 1,678 million tons, designed recoverable reserve of 738 million tons, and designed production capacity of 8M t/a. It is a key coal mine enterprise of Inner Mongolia and adopts the coal and power joint operation pattern with CR Power Xilingol Power Plant. At present, the single day coal output of the mine amounts to 10,000t and it can stably supply coal for the power plant after official commencement of production, so as to realize "joint operation and win-win situation for coal and mine" and make active contributions to guaranteed supply of national energy, stable fuel supply chain of CR Power and value creation and efficiency enhancement.