CR Power's First National Level Scientific Research Project Was Approved
03-11-2022 CR Power

In order to actively implement the 14th Five-Year Plan for Technological Innovation in the Energy Sector, help tackle offshore new energy core technology and make contributions to the large-scale use of marine resources, CR Power recently declared its "Offshore Floating PV Power Generation Key Technology Study" and obtained the approval of the National Energy Administration. It is the first national level scientific research project undertaken by CR Power as the leader in the energy sector.

The offshore floating PV power generation core technology is a key research area under the 14th Five-Year Plan for Technological Innovation in the Energy Sector, but there is not any mature, reliable solution in this aspect and a series of technical difficulties have yet to be addressed urgently.

Offshore new energy business is one of the key business fields of CR Power in the "14th Five-year Plan" period and a longer period thereafter, tackling relevant core technologies is an important method to create the enterprise core competitiveness and enhance its development capacity and it will also help to continuously create business value. According to the approval requirements of the National Energy Administration, CR Power will subsequently organize a team to carry out research to tackle key problems regarding offshore floating PV system support structural design, key technologies of protection against typhoon, ice and wave, and relevant construction schemes and equipment and operation and maintenance techniques. At the same time, CR Power will carry out environmental impact assessment and constraint and installed potential analysis regarding offshore floating PV power generation.