Fogang Fuxin 49.9MW Wind Power Expansion Project Approved

On November 27, there came good news from the Guangdong Qingyuan Development and Reform Commission that Qingyuan Fogang County Fuxin 49.9MW wind power expansion project in South China was approved.

Located in ranges of Tangtang Town, Fogang County, Qingyuan City, the approved capacity of Qingyuan Fogang Fuxin 49.9MW wind power expansion project is 49.9MW. Its approval is another staged achievement of South China region in wind power development business in Qingyuan City, thus further consolidating the advantageous status of Guangdong in land wind power development, injecting strong impetus into South China’s further efforts to develop and expand the clean energy in northern Guangdong region and providing strong support for the strategic goal of clean energy pattern in South China.

According to an earlier survey, as the project is located in an area which has good wind resources and favorable conditions for construction, it can deliver better economic and social benefits. The next step is that South China Northwest Guangdong New Energy Company will combine with the local development and planning characteristics and wind resource advantages to actively create different favorable conditions for construction and go through relevant procedures such as planning approval, land use, resource use, safe production and environmental impact evaluation according to relevant laws and administrative regulations to orderly promote the project construction and to make sure the project can be launched and put into operation as soon as possible for the local renewable energy use and economic growth.