Hezhou Project Passes through Four-star NOSA Examination

On November 23, CR Power (Hezhou) Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as the “Hezhou Project”) passed through the four-star examination of NOSA HSE Management System, which is another important achievement after it obtained the three-star NOSA certification in October 2016 and marks its all-round improvement in HSE management level.


During the five-day star-level examination, a panel of NOSA star-level review experts of NOSA Enterprise Consulting (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. has conducted a strict review on construction and operation of Hezhou Project in HSE management system and made a thorough, objective and all-round evaluation based on the examination. At the final meeting, the expert panel fully recognized the achievement of Hezhou Project in HSE management such as risk assessment, management and control, element standard making, employee HSE publicity education and awareness increase, system and process improvement and implementation. Meanwhile, as a result of obvious increase in employees’ awareness in HSE risk management and control and proper high risk regulation, management and control, experts believed that the management level of Hezhou Project attached high importance to HSE system construction and unanimously recommended Hezhou Project to pass through the four-star NOSA examination.


Zuo Junjie, Deputy General Manager of South China Region and General Manager of Hezhou Project, showed gratitude to experts for their hard work. He noted that Hezhou Project’s successful passing of NOSA four-star examination was a result of joint efforts of all employees. He hoped everyone could cherish the hard-earned achievement. Meanwhile, all employees should take seriously experts’ opinion and requirement for improvement, actively correct and carry out the closed-loop work, continuously enhance their safety awareness and HSE management level and build an enterprise with intrinsic safety in an all-rounded way.


Taking this NOSA star-level examination as the opportunity and motivation, Hezhou Project will find the gap, clarify measures for improvement, vigorously implement the rectification, make continuous improvement in aspects such as employees’ HSE behavior and awareness cultivation, system development, process optimization, risk management system construction, on-site compliance and safety culture construction, improve its HSE management level in an all-rounded way and continue to step forward towards the five-star NOSA standard.