The Party Branch Alliance and Joint Party Construction of Southwest China Region and Heishui County to Help Tibetan Areas out of Poverty

Regional-enterprise party branch alliance and joint party construction aims at the interconnection and quality development. On November 23, CR Power Southwest China Region and Heishui County, Aba Prefecture, Sichuan Province held a primary-level Party organization alliance and joint Party construction ceremony in Qinglang Countryside. Liu Wei, Party Committee Secretary of Southwest China Region and General Manager, Liu Yunjian, Secretary of Heishui County Party Committee, members of Party Committee of Southwest China Region and relevant leaders of Heishui County Party Committee and Heishui County Government attended the inaugural ceremony.


Secretary Liu Yunjian pointed out in the speech that CR Power, as a famous central enterprise with a high sense of social responsibility, has all along attached great importance to the primary-level Party construction. The primary-level Party organization alliance and joint Party construction of both sides is not only a beneficial discovery and practice to further implement the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress deeply, further enhance Party’s leadership in state-owned enterprises, expand the field of Party construction and diversify the Party construction activities but also a critical opportunity for them to establish all-round cooperation. What’s more, it is an effective measure for both of them to look ahead, work together and achieve win-win outcome. 


The second Party branch of Southwest China Region and Party branch of Heishui Project signed the Party Branch Alliance and Joint Party Construction Agreement with Erniunai Village and Ruoduo Village in Heishui County respectively. Attending leaders awarded allied primary-level Party organization nameplates, paid a visit to local old Party members and representatives from the masses of Party members in difficulties and visited the Party branch activity site and photovoltaic poverty-alleviation project co-built by both sides.


General Manager Liu Wei noted that CR Heishui Zhawo 30MW concentrated photovoltaic poverty-alleviation project targets at 4,032 people in poverty of Heishui County and provides RMB 4.032 million poverty-alleviation fund for Heishui County annually. In addition, the rented land of photovoltaic power station will bring people in Ruoduo Village a new income of about RMB 2,640 per capita annually. During the construction of project, CR Power has reinforced the village road from Xili Village in Zhawo Countryside to Ruoduo Village with an accumulative investment of over RMB 300,000, which has improved the local transportation conditions; it actively creates employment opportunities for local people. Most villagers of Ruoduo Village participate in the equipment transportation and construction of photovoltaic site. Because they take part in the construction of photovoltaic power station, each household earns an income from RMB 20,000 to RMB 100,000. In the next step, CR Power Southwest China Region will work together with Heishui County to further enhance the cooperation and communication in Party construction, resource development, industrial development and poverty alleviation and other areas and strive to push forward the regional-enterprise cooperation to a higher level, wider field and larger scale.