Jiaozuo Project Awarded the Energy Efficiency and Water Efficiency Benchmark in Leading Coal-fire Power Unit in Henan Province

On November 14, with the announcement of 2018 Henan Energy Efficiency Environmental Protection Benchmark in Leading Units selection result, CR Power Jiaozuo Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as the “Jiaozuo Project”) was awarded the honorary titles of “Energy Efficiency Benchmark in Leading Coal-fire Power Unit” and “Water Efficiency Benchmark in Leading Coal-fire Power Unit”.


Since it was formally put into operation in 2015, Jiaozuo Project has built a sound energy-saving management organization, formulated the medium and long-term energy-saving planning and made thorough standards for energy-saving assessment to make sure the orderly implementation of various energy-saving work. It operates the OOS and FOS system online, guides the operation, reduces the coal consumption indexes, carries out the inter-value energy-saving competition and stimulates employees’ initiative to resolve difficulties, innovate and optimize. It makes use of recycled water as the major water source and capitalizes on the circulated water system sewage disposal equipment to eliminate the saline water and achieve the comprehensive graded use of waste water in the whole factory. It carries out the technical reform and vigorously expands the heat-supply market to make the heat supply be the major business of the enterprise and maximize the cost-effectiveness of units. It integrates with management system construction such as lean management, NOSA system and operational excellence to carry out the management system formulation and revision, deeply carries out the energy-saving training of all employees and instills energy-saving knowledge in various ways to continuously enhance energy-saving awareness of all employees and make the unit energy consumption and water consumption indexes go down year by year.


In the beginning of 2018, the project enterprise established the competition working group of “Energy-saving and Environmental Protection” leading benchmark to compare with standards and actively carry out various preparation. From August 28 to 30, by strictly following the Experts’ Methods of Reviewing Coal-fired Power Unit Energy-saving Environment-friendly Leading Benchmark in Henan Province (2018 Edition), a panel of experts from Henan Province Development and Reform Commission conducted a detailed review and work interview on different energy-saving work of Jiaozuo Project. They spoke highly of Jiaozuo Project’s perfect, advanced and rewarding energy-saving management system, innovation projects, energy-saving reform, fuel management, water use management and other work. Finally, Jiaozuo Project stood out from 6 enterprises in Henan Province with similar kinds and obtained the excellent performance of double first in both energy and water efficiency at the level of 660MW ultra supercritical unit.


Jiaozuo Project will strictly follow the national energy and environmental protection policies, insist on green development, keep a close eye on the latest trend in the industry, continuously carry out the energy-saving excavation, increase the efficiency of units, reduce the level of energy consumption, set the industry role model, push the indexes of coal-fired power enterprises to a higher level and management to a new height and promote the energy-saving, low-emission and green development of coal-fired power industry in Henan Province.