Grid Integration and Power Generation of Northern Hebei New Energy Company Shenxiandong Project

At 10 am on November 14, Shenxiandong 150MW wind power project of CR Power Northern China Region Northern Hebei New Energy Company was successfully connected to the grid and generated power to begin to deliver the green energy to the northern Hebei grid in China.


Located in Weichang County, Chengde City, Hebei Province, Shenxiandong wind power project has been put in National Energy Administration’s list of first groups of approved wind power projects in Hebei Province during the “12th Five-year Plan”. The total wind power generation installed capacity of the project reaches 150MW and it plans to install 100 sets of 1,500Kw wind power generation units as well as supporting equipment.    


With the construction concept of “insisting, fighting against all difficulties, breaking the ice to forge ahead and making continuous innovation”, Northern Hebei New Energy Company has overcome lots of difficulties. By persisting in the principle of “high-standard construction and high-level inspection”, it has passed through the inspection such as electricity quality monitoring and check and grid integration check of grid companies in one time.


The successful grid integration and power generation of Shenxiandong Project has laid a solid foundation for Northern China Region to realize the goal of comprehensive energy service provider transformation.