Haifeng Project Awarded the Title of “National Excellent Unit in Plant Engineering”


On November 9, the 11th National Advanced Plant Engineering Commendation Conference was held in Beijing. CR Power (Haifeng) Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as “Haifeng Project”) was awarded the honorary title of “National Excellent Unit in Plant Engineering” and Wang Feng, General Manager of Haifeng Project, was awarded the title of “National Outstanding Practitioner in Plant Engineering”.


Since it was put into operation in 2015, Haifeng Project has planned in advance, centered on the enterprise objective of building a model enterprise in plant engineering, worked with Guangzhou universities to create the “H” model TnPM plant engineering system with Haifeng characteristics and realized the whole life cycle intelligent maintenance management of plants. Meanwhile, it works hard to explore the scientific approach to plant engineering and innovative talents team cultivation and realizes the systematic, proper, standard plant engineering. By relying on the intelligent electricity plant construction of CR Power, it implements the intelligent transformation of plants and strives to promote the “large centralized control operation” and “large plant engineering”. Through the joint efforts of all employees, the project enterprise has made continuous progress and obvious achievement in plant engineering and integrated plant engineering and the rate of defect occurrence decreased by 23.6% in 2017 in contrast to the same period in 2016. Through different means such as optimizing the regular maintenance cycle of plants, strictly reviewing the entrusted maintenance projects and enhancing the quality control in the process of maintenance, the maintenance cost fee decreased by 13.28% in 2017 in contrast to the same period in 2016.


Approved by National Development and Reform Commission, this National Advanced Plant Engineering Commendation Conference is hosted by China Association of Plant Engineering, aiming to commend those units and individuals nationwide for their outstanding achievement in plant engineering from 2016 to 2017 and set the role model.


This commendation is the conference organizing committee’s recognition of plant engineering of Haifeng Project. The project enterprise will take that as an opportunity to continue to strengthen the innovation in plant engineering, further broaden the horizon in plant engineering, closely follow the requirement of lean plant engineering, make achievement earnestly, pursue excellence in resolving difficulties and boost the enterprise for high-quality development.