China Resources Power rated No.8 on the Hong Kong Business Sustainability Index Company List (HKBSI)
07-01-2019 CR Power


On January 7, the Sustainable Development Center of CUHK Business School joined hands with Hong Kong environmental protection organization Friends of the Earth and SGS to issue the 4th HKBSI. China Resources Power was rated No.8 among the “Hang Seng Index” companies, being among the top20 “Hang Seng Index” companies on the list for 4 consecutive years.

The HKBSI, following the “Value-Process-Impact” mode, aims at encouraging Hong Kong based listed companies to bear the enterprise social responsibilities, and realizing the sustainable development via the advanced business mode. Fifty “Hang Seng Index” companies were invited to fill in the questionnaire online based on their publicly available information, thus to evaluate the enterprise performance from the 3 aspects: values of enterprise social responsibility (values), management and practice of enterprise social responsibility (process) and contribution of enterprises to economy, society and natural environment (impact).

Results of the 4th HKBSI: Total average score of the 50 “Hang Seng Index” companies is 56.01 (full score is 100), 10.21% higher than a year before. The average score of the top20 is 75.57, increasing by 4.29% over the previous year. And the figure of the top9 companies is above 80, all reflecting that there are increasing companies paying attention to the sustainable development of enterprises and dedicated to practice the enterprise social responsibilities. At this activity, China Resources Power ranks No.8 on the general list of sustainable development and No.1 among those 4 domestic companies included in the top20 “Hang Seng Index” companies, among the “frontrunner” ranks. That’s the highly recognition of Hong Kong authoritative evaluation institution of the performance of China Resources Power in sustainable development over the past few years.