The cloud platform (phase I) for electricity selling of China Resources Power gets online in entirety
04-01-2019 CR Power

On December 29, 2018, 00:00, besides upgrading the marketing and client management modules on the cloud electricity selling platform of China Resources Power (Phase I), the transaction management, policy management, risk management and coal assets green certificate management modules successfully got online, with the whole-process platform management covering marketing, client, transaction, risk control and statistic analysis and other electricity business realized. The cloud electricity selling platform being put into operation in entirety indicates that the electricity selling business of the company is to enter a new stage.

The customer relation management for the current platform is carried out via customer grading, classifying and other functional means, to stimulate the customer-business interaction and exploit the market data and customer value. For the transaction management, risk control is the main principle, “maximum of region benefit” is the goal, and the integrated and linked optimization of market transaction rules, power generation status, grid information, transaction strategies and product design in the spot and non-spot electricity reform regions is finished, so as to realize the whole-process control and platform based transaction for the electricity transaction. Besides, the platform has developed multiple transaction aiding functional modules for electricity selling policy research, cross-province and cross-region business and coal asset green certificate management, being an effective support for the management and application of electricity selling business in the current stage and future spot mode (such in Guangdong). It also forms a data foundation for value exploration and intelligent application of the future electricity selling data. During the construction of the current platform, the Electricity Selling Management Department, Information Management Department of the holding company and Xi’an Togeek Information Technology Co., Ltd. cooperated with each other, based on resource coordination, overcoming difficulties, grasping the main line and essence of business, to earnestly complete the business function design and project management, having initially realized the full coverage of the platform business function. Next, each of the regions, to meet the established platform construction requirements, are actively promoting the platform application and transferring as quickly as possible the exiting business to the cloud electricity selling platform. The Electricity Selling Management Department of the holding company and the Information Management Department has set up a joint operation and management team, having ensured the operation guarantee for the platform. They collect the business demand information for platform optimization, contributing to the faster and better development of electricity selling business of China Resources Power.