China Resources Power wins multiple awards at the Hong Kong Green Awards 2018
18-12-2018 CR Power


On December 14, the Hong Kong Green Awards 2018 award ceremony organized by the Green Council was convened in Hong Kong. China Resources Power and its affiliated enterprises won 11 awards. It has won such awards for 6 years in a row.

Upholding the goal of “high level and strict standard” of China Resources, China Resources Power adheres to the green development philosophy, committed to clean energy development, resources conservation and pollutant emission control, opening to the public and working for the harmonious co-existence of the local government and enterprises. Those efforts earn it the awards and recognition by the judging committee. At this award ceremony, it won 4 honors, including the “Green Enterprise Governance Award: Management System Award” “Award for Outstanding Environmental Protection, Safety and Health: Platinum Award” “Outstanding Environmental Protection Management Award: Golden Award” and “Outstanding Institutions for Consecutive Award Winning (for 3 Years or Longer)”. The power plants in Wenzhou, Hunan, thermal power plant in Cangzhou, new energy operation and maintenance company in the Eastern China, power plant in Hubei, the Haiyuan Wind Power Plant, Huaxin Power Plant won the silver, bronze and excellent awards under the “Outstanding Environmental Protection Management Award: Golden Award”. China Resources Power is the biggest winner in terms of number and quality awards, which shows the highly recognition of the Green Council for its green development philosophy.

The Hong Kong Green Awards was launched in 2010 by the Green Council and held once a year, for praising enterprises making outstanding contribution in environmental purchase, environment management, green governance and other relevant fields.