Wind capacity of China Resources Power integrated into grid exceeding 7GW
26-11-2018 CR Power


On November 26, 2018, 11:18, the No.F176 wind turbine of the Neihuang (Henan) 400MW Wind Power Project was connected to the grid, marking the wind power capacity integrated to the grid in the central-western region of China exceeding 1GW and that of China Resources Power, 7GW. Hu Min, Secretary of Party Committee and President of China Resources Power, and Chen Zhiwei, member of the standing committee of Anyang municipal Party committee and executive vice mayor, unveiled the memorial stone for the wind power capacity integrated into the grid of China Resources Power exceeding 7GW.

President Hu Min extended his thanks to the local governments for supporting the wind power development of China Resources and to the wind power construction team of the company for their hard work. He pointed out that China Resources Power insists in green development, working hard towards an international comprehensive energy service provider trusted by the public and preferred by the clients, hoping to broaden, deepen and create more cooperation ways with the local governments, to drive the local economic and social development.

Green development, beautiful life. Recently, being active in responding to the national call for building a beautiful China, China Resources Power has been vigorously developing the clean energy business dominated by the wind power. At the year end, it frequently publishes good news in wind power projects: The first wind turbines of the Tanghe Jiulong (Henan) 250MW Wind Power Project were successfully integrated to the grid; Chengde Shenxiandong (Hebei) 150MW Wind Power Project was successfully integrated to the grid; the first wind turbine hoisting was finished for the Beipiao Yongquan (Liaoning) 49.5MW Wind Power Project, Minqing Daxianhu (Fujian) 30MW Wind Power Project, Beiliu Longsheng (Guangxi) 46.2MW Wind Power Project (Phase I), Lianzhou Fushan (Guangdong) 50MW Wind Power Project, Leizhou Nanxing (Guangxi) 100MW Wind Power Project (Phase II), Huaxian Shangguan (Henan) 200MW Wind Power Project, Jiaozhou (Shandong) 92MW Wind Power Project (Phase I and II)….All members in the wind power project construction team of the company are fighting bravely at the front for the green development of China Resources Power.

The wind power capacity integrated into the grid of China Resources Power exceeding 7GW is an important milestone for China Resources Power in developing the clean energy. It is only 334 days after the capacity exceeding 6GW on December 27, 2017, indicating that the wind power development pace of the company is further accelerated, and laying a solid foundation for China Resources Power to raise the share of clean energy and achieve the strategic development goal for the “13th Five-Year Plan” period.