President Hu Min meets the municipal government delegations of Shaanxi to Hong Kong
14-11-2018 CR Power


On November 14, during the Shaanxi-Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Economic Cooperation Week, Hu Min, Secretary of Party Committee and President of China Resources Power, met the government delegations from Ankang, Baoji and Yulin cities of Shaanxi Province at the China Resources Building. They had a thorough communication on the investment and development of China Resources Power in Shaanxi.

During the meeting, Zhao Junmin, Mayor of Ankang City, promised to strongly support China Resources Power to develop new energy projects in Ankang City, and expressed hope that the latter could promote deep cooperation in the electricity, consumer goods, medical treatment fields via site investigation, to serve the local development, assist in poverty relief and create both social and economic benefits.

Hui Jincai, Mayor of Baoji City, expressed that China Resources Power has carried out many projects in Baoji, and hoped the two sides could have a further discussion on cooperation in new energy and stored energy, and exploration in other fields based on the sound cooperation electricity cooperation. Baoji City would create a favorable investment climate, to facilitate the business of China Resources Power in Baoji.

Li Chunlin, Mayor of Yulin City, added that, thanks to the stable social and economic development, generally rising city competitiveness and obvious geographic advantage since being located at the intersection of five provinces, Yulin enjoys great development potential in energy development, city construction and cultural tourism. His hope was that, China Resources Power could strengthen investment in Yulin and the company would give play to its advantages in relevant business, to promote the cooperation in Yulin.

After extending his gratitude to those municipal government for their care of and support for China Resources Power, President Hu Min gave them brief introduction to the business developments of the company, pointing out that its business spreads to various aspects connected to people’s livelihood, and the company enjoys obvious advantage in its industry and promising future in cooperation with the local governments. He also responded that China Resources Power would work hard together with them, to deepen the cooperation. According to President Hu Min, China Resources Power is among the comprehensive energy companies with the highest efficiency and best performance in China, and is tending to vigorously developing the clean energy and innovative business. Alongside the development, it pays attention to protecting the local environment, to make for the economic development and energy structure improvement in local places.

Governments at all levels and relevant bureau directors of Ankang, Baoji and Yulin cities, Xu Hongbo, Assistant President of China Resources Power, and relevant persons in charge of the departments and offices of the holding companies and of the central-western region of China were present.