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Research by Chairman Li Ruge in CR Circular Economy Industry Demonstration Zone, Hezhou City

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On September 12-13, Li Ruge, Member of the Party Committee and Chief Accountant of CRC and Chairman of the Board of Directors of CR Power, conducted research in the CR Circular Economy Industry Demonstration Zone, Hezhou City (in short, “Demonstration Zone”), and attended the exchange meeting on field businesses of the South China Region of CR Power.

Li Ruge paid a field visit to the power plant, cement plant and brewery in the Demonstration Zone for the production operation and circular economy operation, participated in the Party construction activity of “Xiao He College” in the Hezhou power plant and the life exchanges of Hezhou working committee of the Demonstration Zone work conference. He also listened to the work reports of the Guangxi Working Committee and three enterprises in the Demonstration Zone, and communicated with the participants about Party construction, corporate operation and the progress of other work. Chairman Li indicated that the Demonstration Zone inherited the CR red gene and was based on the circular economy, making excellent contributions to the development of the local economy and society. He hoped that the enterprises could stick to the leadership of politics and the Party, improve Party organizations at all levels, enhance the construction of Party members and cadres, provide a robust organizational guarantee for the development of various businesses by relying on Party construction and endeavor to achieve the annual work task.

On the 13th of September, Li Ruge attended the exchange meeting on field businesses of the South China Region of CR Power and gave work instructions. He said that the South China Region made innovative improvements on business modes and promoted transformation development, showing the strength of advanced management and diversified businesses. Hezhou power plant sought business layouts by relying on the industrial concentration and circular development of the Demonstration Zone. In face of the current severe industrial situations, CR Power and the South China Region should focus on the overall conditions and achieve new development by further clarifying the developing strategy, making the plan and layout in advance, preempting the UHV to send end area and quality resources like offshore wind power in the “Three Norths” region, straightening out the business system and determining the business contents of new businesses such as power distribution and smart energies regarding the basic principle of maximizing the overall efficiency of regional distribution, allocation and sale.

Wang Xiaobin, CFO of the holding company, Vice President Wang Gaoqiang, Assistant President Xu Hongbo, and relevant persons in charge of the Party work department of CRC, electricity sale management department, Party work department and South China Region of CR Power, and the smart energy company were present at the research.