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CR Power “Lights Up” CR Carnival of 2017

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On October 7, under the background of the blue sky, Central Harbourfront in Hong Kong looked exceptionally spectacular; 6000 CR staff and their friends and relatives gathered around the romantic Ferris wheel to witness CR’s glorious 80th anniversary and celebrate the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to the motherland. CR Power has also accompanied people there to spend a day of pleasure by its colorful booth designs, cute CR Power dolls and interactive games for all ages.

Leaders of the Group including the Chairman—Bo Yuning attended the opening ceremony and made welcome speeches. CR’s carnival of 2017—“20 Plus 80, 100 Percent Enjoyment” was divided into 5 parts including Financial City, Sports Land, Colorful Circle, Health Park and Happy Family. There were related enterprise exhibitions, large-scale interesting scenes for photo shooting, booth games with prizes and interactive workshops set up in every part. At the same time, there were time tunnels of the development of CR, happy stages, hope town exhibitions, large-scale inflatable games, wonderful performance, free drinks and snacks provided in the carnival.

CR Power took “lighting up” as the keynote in planning the whole exhibition booth. On the one hand, it showed CR Power’s characteristics and spiritual pursuits of “Lights for Households, More Warmth for Life”; on the other hand, it intended to light up the carnival and “CR City” by combining with the characteristics of CR Power. The exhibition booth was mainly divided into three parts. The first part was a brief introduction to the company profile, business distribution and future strategies. The second part was to present power generation principles of coal-fired power plants through stereoscopic silhouettes, to mainly display the desulfurization and denitration process and to spread CR Power’s responsibilities and ideas in the clean development by simplified patterns, procedures and professional illustration. The third part was the interaction through doodling and the Q&A session of general knowledge of using electricity, and during this part, the participants doodled on the city’s night scene with pigments and “lighted up” lamps and candles of a myriad of families. Then, they could obtain commemorative pictures that were ready in a minute; if they answered questions on the general knowledge of using electricity, they had the chance to win prizes such as CP Power dolls and portable devices.

Leaders of the Group including the Vice President and the General Manager of CR—Luo Xi and the Vice General Manager—Ma Lu, and other leaders and guests including: Non-Executive Independent Director of CR Power—Liang Aishi, the President of CR Power—Hu Min, the Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of CR Power—Zhu Guolin and the Vice President and the Audit Director—Wang Gaoqiang visited the exhibition booth of CR Power and gave their instructions. During this time, they have also participated in the doodling activity of lighting up the city, using their practical actions to show their supports and recognition towards the exhibition booth of CP Power.

Diversified enterprise demonstration and prizes attracted visitors coming and going in a continuous stream; within one day, the exhibition booth of CR Power welcomed thousands of people and gave out over 900 prizes through interaction. During the visit and the games, people’s knowledge about CR Power was further deepened as; they understood the important role of the modern clean power generation technology in improving the public life. They have closely experienced CP Power’s mission of “leading the industrial development and offering the power for life” and its vision of “becoming an international comprehensive energy service provider trusted and preferred by customers”.

In sparing no effort in designing the exhibition booth, CR Power also organized for over 180 staff and their family members to come to Hong Kong in order to participate in the carnival. From the opening ceremony at 10 a.m. to the ending of the activity at 8 p.m., one day in “CR City” provided the people with the knowledge of diversified business of CR and provided a happy atmosphere in CR family; as a result, the organizational commitment and happiness were improved.