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The 80th Anniversary of CR (China Resources (Holdings) Co., Ltd.) —Successful Ending to the Exploration Month of Green Power Plant

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As the summer heat gradually fading away in September, the pleasantly cool wind makes people feel comfortable and happy. CR Power opens its door again and invites people from all over the country to participate in the journey of “the 80th Anniversary of CR (China Resources (Holdings) Co., Ltd.) the Exploration Month of Green Power Plant”; by entering into the thermal power plant, the wind power plant, the hydropower plant and the photovoltaic power plant of the Company, the participants will find the other side of the power plant and explore the secrets of green energies.

The Office of Holding Board promotes this activity; the offices of different districts organize the activity respectively and encourage subordinate companies for active participation. From September 1 to 30, 32 project companies in 10 districts, combining with their actual conditions, held the activity of “Open Days of Enterprises” for 34 times in total. Compared with opening month activities of September in the last year, the number of enterprises that participated in the opening activities increased by 30%, including business such as thermal power, wind power, photovoltaic power, hydropower and power wholesale. The participating enterprises took the promotion of the line operation, business development and the enhancement of the corporate image in the areas where the enterprises were located as the starting point. They have invited about 1400 stakeholders including clients, officials, media workers, partners, residents of communities and students to enter the enterprises. The goal was to let them know the revolutionary history and spiritual inheritance of CR, see the efforts that CR Power made in aspects such as operating management, technological innovation, greens environmental protection and social responsibilities with zero distance and understand its contribution to the local economy, society and environment.

In order to present the wholeness of the activity, deepen the impression of visitors on CR and CR Power, combine the centralized propagation effect with the publicity and enhance the impact, the Office of Holding Board designed and manufactured a series of visual products related to the activity and distributed to the participating enterprises for using these products in the opening activity. Presentation templates and nametags were designed with uniformity in mind; a series of CR Power dolls and portable devices made, and the animated propaganda films of CR Power were updated to make it convenient for enterprises to play them in the opening activity. At the same time, the Office of Holding Board designed special websites for this activity; via external and internal websites of the Company, the activity and the media coverage m be presented to the public in time.

While the participating enterprises drew lessons from previous experience of “Open Days of Enterprises”, they integrated their own characteristics; highlights and business needs to actively create new activity forms and fully interact with the public, which received good feedback from visitors. This activity attracted extensive attention from the public and media; national, local and trade media of different forms such as print media, television, Internet and official accounts in Wechat participated in the activity and reported the activity and the enterprises in a multi-angle and all-round way. The participating enterprises also actively took advantage of new media to report the activity in a timely, vivid and efficient way; thus, a great propagation effect was achieved as a result. The public’s knowledge of CR Power was further deepened, which exerted the positive effect of improving the brand reputation and social influence of CR Power.

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