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CR Power holds the 2017 work conference

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During March 27-28, CR Power held the 2017 working conference themed as “Innovative Reform & Green Development” at South Campus of China Resources University in Xiaojingwan commercial property in Huizhou. More than 270 people from the management team of CR Power, all departments and divisions of CR Power, China Resources Coal (Group) Co., Ltd., each region and part of the project companies, and managers directly under CR Power attended the conference. Fu Yuning, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of China Resources, attended the meeting and delivered an important speech, Ma Lu, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice General Manager of China Resources, and relevant responsible members of staff from the finance departments and strategy management department have attended this meeting.

At the conference, Hu Min, Secretary of the Party Committee and President of CR Power gave a work report. He pointed out that, in 2016, under the correct leadership of China Resources, CR Power quickly advanced the organizational transformation, innovated the development efforts, optimized the strategic planning and arrangement, vigorously developed the clean energy, steadily advanced the assets optimization, actively explored business overseas, and resolutely carried out the “one policy for one ore” policy. Thanks to those efforts, in the severe and complex market environment, it did well in realizing the annual goals and outperformed the general market. Mr. Hu focused on explanation of the “13th Five-Year Plan” of CR Power. He looked back on the overall operation and key work of 2016, remarked on the performances of China Resources Coal (Group) Co., Ltd. and all regions, and specified the key management subjects, key work and management measures for 2017. Based on the detailed analysis of the internal and external situation and industrial development trend facing the company, he pointed out the main annual operation development direction for CR Power.

Ding Qi, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission and Vice President of China Resources, delivered the “Strengthening the Foundation, Molding the Spirit, Vigorously Innovating” Party committee work report. The Electricity Sales Management Department and Strategic Development Department of CR Power respectively reported on the electricity sales business and the thoughts and framework of the organization performance assessment of the company. The System of CR Power Corporate Cultural Concepts was reorganized and established.

To ensure a successful implementation of various work plans, and stimulate the realization of strategic goals, the attendees discussed how to carry out the framework and strategies of the 2017 business plan and organization performance system, and how to put forward the relevant management measures.

At the conference, organizations with outstanding contribution to the 2016 annual performance received eight awards, including: “advanced basic-level organization in learning and education of the ‘Two Studies and One Action’”, “best project development award”, “best engineering construction award”, “best operation management award”, “best fuel purchase award”, “best award for development in electricity market”, “best innovation award”, and “award for contribution to ‘slimming and fitness’”.

Chairman Fu Yuning, in his speech, spoke highly of the efforts and achievements made by CR Power in the previous year. He expressed that, CR Power has a very powerful, passionate, standard, competent and wise team. For the “Innovative transformation & Green Development” management subject for 2017 of CR Power, Chairman Fu has expressed his hope that, during the course from the mere electricity enterprise to comprehensive energy service provider, CR Power could continuously innovate the methods and modes, to win the first market chance. “Green development” is a national philosophy, and the globally pursued philosophy. CR Power is doing very well in green development. However, how to become a clean energy provider and service provider, to realize the competitiveness would keep test the wisdom of all managers of CR Power, and the decision-making ability and insight of CR Power. He believed that, with the wisdom and the struggling spirit, CR Power would continue to make new progress in the innovative transformation and green development.

Ge Changxin, Member of Party Committee, Vice Chairman of Board of Directors and Senior Vice President of CR Power, gave the ending speech. President Ge has systematically looked back on the contents and subject matter of the conference, analyzed the internal and external challenges facing the company and its own advantages. He pointed out that to ensure the implementation of strategies of the company, organizations and managers at all levels need to raise the six awareness points: awareness of innovation, awareness of market, awareness of crisis, awareness of risk, awareness of charging forward and awareness of overall consciousness. Organizations need to stick to one company, one organization, one team, one business and one voice. Only if employees at all levels unify together, and work hard together, original goal will surely be realized. The strategic goal of the company would come true and the future of CR Power would be bright.

Work was surmised at this work conference, as well as the operation indicators and work situation of 2016, with the key work, goals and action measures for the New Year specified, and objective of the struggle and layout plan depicted. This is a conference for mobilization, for unifying thoughts, specifying goals, inspiring courage, blowing the bugle call, and stimulating all the CR Power staff to start to the goal of “13th Five-Year Plan”. It is a foundation for carrying out the annual assignments and goals of the company in the year.