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CR Power held the “Social Responsibility Work Meeting & 2016 Kick-off Meeting for Preparing the Sustainable Development Report"

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From February 14 to 15, CR Power held the “social responsibility in work” meeting and the “2016 kick-off meeting for preparation of the sustainable development report" at the South Campus of China Resources University in Xiaojingwan commercial property, Huizhou. Amongst the attended were total of 110, including leaders of CR Power Hu Min, Ge Changxin, Wang Xiaobin, Liu Ping, Jiang Lihui, Chen Yunlong, Jian Yi and An Xing. In addition, regional general managers, leaders in charge of social responsibility work in all of departments and divisions of CR Power, China Resources Coal (Group) Co., Ltd. and each region and part of the project companies, and persons engaged in preparation of the report. Experts from Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Tsinghua University, SynTao, Aluminum Corporation of China Limited and PWC were invited for social responsibility training. Wei Yaodong, Deputy Director-General of General Office of China Resources with the relevant personnel was also present. The meeting was presided over by Wang Shiwan, Vice General Manager of the Board Office of CR Power.

Ge Changxin, Vice Chairman of Board of Directors and Senior Vice President of China Resources and Chairman of China Resources Coal (Group) Co., Ltd., gave the introduction speech. Mr. Ge looked back on the key projects and achievements of CR Power in the realm of social responsibility and sustainable development in the different stages, namely business startups, expansion, transformation and other stages. He emphasized the importance of the awareness, standards and requirements of social responsibility at home and abroad, which have all achieved an unprecedented level. He stated that there is a rising need to fulfill the economic, social and environmental responsibilities and to take the necessary approach and an internal need for increase in the company competitiveness and realization of the sustainable development model. This meeting servered as a means of helping a systematic and comprehensive understanding of the social responsibility theories, and guidance, especially the senior leaders, to strengthen the social responsibility awareness. Also, to pay attention to the social responsibility work, have full awareness of the significance of social responsibly to the company’s sustainable development, strengthen your sense of urgency and consolidation of leadership, planning, deployment, promotion and implementation of social responsibility work in your organization. All of you attendees should carefully listen to the speeches of each experts and leaders here, and apply what you learn to work, to guide your organization, business and position to undertake the social responsibility project. Moreover, this meeting is also to guide the preparation of the 2016 sustainable development report.

Wang Shiwan, Vice General Manager of Board Office of CR Power, reported the state of the  social responsibility work of CR Power in 2016. She introduced main work and achievements done by CR Power in social responsibility management and practice to the attendees, along with a sustainable development report preparation, charity, etc., done in the last year, and provided the key work plan and goals on social responsibility in 2017.

Zhai Lifeng, vice general manager of medium duty cloud social responsibility organization, based on standards and outstanding cases at home and abroad, provided this analysis and explanation on theories, status quo, trend and management system of social responsibility, and the development course, content, form, trend, and process of the report of social responsibility. Deng Guolun, Tsinghua University Charity Research Institute, analyzed the status quo of the Tsinghua University Charity Research Institute in China, explained the relevant clauses of the Charity Law and their impact on enterprises participating charity, and demonstrated the trend and thoughts of the enterprises carrying out activities for the public good. Peng Jilai, partner of SYNTAO and certified trainer of GRI, focused on the latest ten trends in social responsibilities of Chinese enterprises, explained the GRI standards and relevant requirements in the ESG report guidance of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Ltd. Zhao Xiufu, Deputy Director of the Research Institute of Chinalco, made a lively explanation of the social responsibility guide ISO26000 and its application and strategic role in Chinalco. Liang Xiaohui, Hong Kong risk and control service director of PWC, introduced the significance, procedure and relevant plan of data authentication for the company’s sustainable development report.

Wei Yaodong, Deputy Director-General of General Office of China Resources, emphatically introduced the management, practice and preparation of social responsibility report of China Resources, and the key work of social responsibility management in 2017. He spoke highly of the social responsibility and report preparation of CR Power, and gave suggestions and requirements in terms of CR Power about the implementation of the social responsibility management system of China Resources. He also issued the report as required by Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited, turning from passive to active in duty performance, turning from differentiation to branding, adhering to the long-term strategy, gathering popularity in performance practice, lifting the enthusiasm of the employee to participate, etc.

Hu Min, Secretary of the Party Committee and President of CR Power, expressed his gratitude for the precise explanation and speech, accurate work guidance from the experts and leaders. He pointed out that, as the flagship-listed company in Hong Kong of the Red enterprise China Resources, established for over 79 years; CR Power follows the social responsibility performance principle of China Resources, while having an inherent sense of responsibility and mission. He emphasized that, in the ever-changing international situation, the new normal of China after thirty-year fast economic development, and the new situation where the industrial structure faced with the transformation and upgrading, CR Power, to carry out the social responsibility work and drive the sustainable development and that it must perform in the “three integrations” and "six concerns". The “three integrations” refer to integration of social responsibility into strategic decisions, as well as functional management and culture construction. The “six concerns” mean to concern legality and compliance, concern benefit growth, concern energy saving and environmental protection, concern humanistic care, concern community relations and concern charity in action. All organizations, especial the senior management should pay special attention to social responsibility work, include it into the annual plan and drive the implementation.

In the end, President Hu Min launched jointly with the attending experts and leaders the preparation of 2016 sustainable development report of CR Power.

On February 15, leaders in charge of social responsibility work in all departments and divisions of CR Power, China Resources Coal (Group) Co., Ltd. The plan and progress of preparation of 2017 report were introduced by each region and the part of the project companies, and persons engaged in preparation of the report discussed the important topics in social responsibility work. Furthermore, a course and work process of preparation of the sustainable development report. Then, the attendees, divided into small groups, discussed the topics including “how to innovate the content and form of CR Power sustainable development report”, “how to do well in responsibility transmission”, “problems existing in, challenges facing the company and all the company charity projects, and the solutions”, “what kind of charity brand project both of characteristics of CR Power and benefiting the society to be created, and ensure the continuously implementation of the project”, etc. They put forward many conducive suggestions and opinions, and shared the discussion achievements. Those discussion achievements are helpful reference for improvement and innovation for CR Power in next-stage social responsibility work.

This special session on social responsibility claimed an all-time high in terms of level, scale and number of attendees. It fully demonstrated that CR Power is highly concerned about the sustainable development, the value orientation of “performing social responsibility and leading the business advancement”, and the responsibility pursuit and development direction of CR Power as the enterprise citizen in the future growth. This meeting may be a good step in this direction for the company and all organizations to carry out the social responsibility work in the following days.