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CR Power Won the Outstanding Director Award and Excellence Award for Diversification of Board of Directors for Hong Kong-listed Companies of 2016

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On the evening of December 6, the award ceremony for the Outstanding Directors of 2016 of Hong Kong Institute was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, and more than representatives of 80 large companies and industry professionals attended the event. CR Power was the only company that won two awards--the Outstanding Director Award of Hong Kong-listed Companies (Hang Seng Index Constituent Stock) and the Excellence Award for Diversification of Board Of Directors at the same time. The ceremony was attended by Chairman of CR Power’s Board Zhou Junqing, independent non-executive director Ma Zhaoxiang, President Hu Min and Chief Financial Officer Wang Xiaobin etc.. As representatives of the company, Ma Zhaoxiang and Wang Xiaobin accepted the awards on behalf of the company and gave speeches for sharing experience.

It is reported that the Outstanding Director Award was launched in 2001, which is the pioneer of similar kind in Asian region and has been highly valued by the its industry, so the award ceremony has become the annual most influential big event of the Hong Kong listed companies. Every year, the judging panel comprising 30 professional members selects the candidates for the award, with the aim to promote the importance of good corporate governance, appreciate the excellent work done by the directors and the board in terms of director’s practices and corporate governance, as well as to raise the attention of all walks of life in Hong Kong to the professional-based development for excellent corporate governance and directors' functions. This year, the awards competition was fierce, and the nominated boards and directors are in different background and from different regions and business nature. The ultimate award-winning result has proved that the professional directors are able to be the navigator of enterprise, leading the enterprise to cope with the changes of business and social environment as well as to improve the level of governance.

The judging panel praised the CR Power’s board of directors for the contribution and acknowledged the excellent corporate governance measures done by CR Power in terms of realizing policies diversification of the board, governing the sustainable development committee, assessing the performance of board of directors and so on. It pointed out that CR Power had a good development strategy and the company took the strategy as the basis for management evaluation. The board of directors attached importance to sustainable development and supported measurements of new energy investment and environment protecting.