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China Resources Power Releases Sustainable Development Report 2016

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On July 25th, China Resources Power Holdings Co., Ltd. (‘CR Power’) published its Sustainable Development Report 2016 on the website of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. This is the seventh consecutive year that CR Power has compiled a sustainable development report since 2010. After winning a ‘Five Star’ rating from the Research Center for Corporate Social Responsibility at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS-CSR) for the first time in 2015, CR Power has been awarded the honour again this year for presenting one of the best social responsibility reports of 2016.

The theme of this year's report continues to be ‘Green Energy, Refreshing Life’, and features ‘change’ as its core theme. The report illustrates in fine and vivid detail the social responsibility performance and results of CR Power in 2016 in six main aspects: responsibility management, environmental responsibility, shareholder responsibility, employee responsibility, partner responsibility and community responsibility. To enhance the readability of the report, 13 out of 191 cases submitted by units at all levels have been carefully studied to present readers with the changes that CR Power has brought to the economy, environment and day-to-day life. These cases are retold by stakeholders to capture their true feelings and the ‘stories’ behind the works.

Last year, for the first time, CR Power invited an independent auditor, PricewaterhouseCoopers Limited (‘PwC Limited’) to provide assurance on the three major emission indices disclosed in the report, and this practice has been highly recognized by stakeholders, in particular our investors. This year, PwC Limited was again entrusted to provide assurance on the three emission rate indices including sulphur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen oxide (NOX) and particulates, as well as the two new indices of the installation rates of desulphurization devices and denitrification devices in coal-fired thermal power plants. An identification report has been prepared to better respond to the public's concerns of environmental issues. PwC Limited has provided assurance that the data of all five indices are true and reliable.

As a company listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong, CR Power published its sustainable development report on the website of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange for the first time this year. CR Power started the benchmarking of all indicators disclosed in the report in accordance with the Guidelines of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Ltd. on Environmental, Social and Governance Reports (HK-ESG) in 2015. Following the four principles of ESG reporting, namely substance, quantification, balance and consistency, the report makes 32 out of 43 indicators public, including all 23 ‘comply or explain’ indicators (except for two not applicable to the power sector) and 12 out of 20 recommended disclosure indicators. Such wide coverage aims to respond to the broad attention of regulators and the general public.

CR Power’s leaders at all levels highly value and strongly support the preparation of this annual sustainable development report. The CR Power Working Conference on Social Responsibility and Kick-off Meeting for 2016 Sustainable Development Report Preparation was held in the beginning of 2017 for a variety of purposes: to review the performance in 2016; invite experts to lecture on the theories, current status and trends of social responsibility; and bring together social responsibility heads at all levels and report editors to explore and discuss such issues as responsibility performance, report innovation and responsibility communication. A report preparation team of 57 people was established, drawing together all 16 departments of the headquarters, the coal business unit, 10 regions and two related parties to form strong support for the preparation of the report.

Innovative transformation and green development. In this ever-changing society, CR Power is moving with time by making self-breakthroughs and acting on reforms. While expecting self-growth and development, CR Power hopes to bring a positive impact to society by working with all stakeholders to continuously make the world a better place!

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