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CR Power Wins the Outstanding Practice Award of 2015 CSR Ranking in China by China Business News

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On December 18, the Awarding Ceremony of 2015 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Ranking in China by China Business News (CBN) was held in Shanghai. Thanks to the practical results in green development, energy saving, environmental protection and other aspects, CR Power was listed in the ranking and won the “Outstanding Practice Award”.

This year, the CSR Ranking, themed on “Beneficent Businesses - Gene and Path”, aims to present the sense of responsibility of enterprises, explore the path of outstanding enterprises to perform CSR and establish models of beneficent businesses. Four awards are set, including the “Outstanding Enterprise Award”, “Outstanding Practice Award”, “Cutting-edge Enterprise Award” and “Responsible Product Award”.

The selection activity of the CSR Ranking by CBN has been held for eight running times, with wide influence in the society. It is one of the most impartial and authoritative CSR selection items regarded by the business circles and the public. Referring to the internationally accepted standards such as ISO26000 (International Standardization on CSR Feasibility Study and Demonstration), Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainable Development Guide and based on CBN’s original system of evaluation on “Beneficent Businesses”, the selection is made with the specialized support of international professional CSR certification body DNV?GL Group in terms of selection system and model.